1. The Competition will be held at Yavapai College, Clarkdale, Arizona. It is organized and conducted by the Yavapai College Grand Crew, a viticulture and enology student organization, supported by the Friends of the Southwest Wine Center and the Verde Valley Wine Consortium.
  2. Competition is open to any emerging winemaker who is at least twenty-one (21) years of age at the time of entry.
  3. An “emerging winemaker” is any person who makes her or his own wine that is not sold.
  4. Any person involved in the making of the wine entered in the Competition must be identified in the Entry Form at the time of submission of the Form.
  5. An entry is defined as one (1) 750 ml bottle of wine or equivalent at the time of entry. There are no limits on the number of entries.
  6. The entry fee is $15.00 dollars per bottle. Please make checks payable to Yavapai College, Grand Crew.
  7. On the Entry Form, identify the wine class (single varietal or blend of red (including rosé), white, fruit, or sweet wine. Mead wines may also be included. Wines may not be aromatized, flavored or include taste adulterants of any kind. Residual sugar (R.S.), if known, should be provided. Alternatively, identify the wine as dry, semi-dry or sweet. The Judges reserve the right to reclassify the entry.
  8. Entry labels: place Grand Crew Entry Label on each bottle with competitor(s)’ name(s) and information as required in rule 7.
  9. Awards: The Judges are independent, Wine Industry professionals. At the sole discretion of the Judges, Double Gold, Gold and Silver for each class and Best of Show may be awarded. Wines with noticeable flaws are unlikely to receive an Award.
  10. Awards will be presented at the Awards Celebration on Saturday, April 27, 2019. Confidential comments of the Judges on each entry will be available after the Awards Celebration.
  11. Other information may be found in the FAQs.

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