Emerging Winemakers Competition and Symposium

Seminars & Speakers

For the past two years the Emerging Winemakers Competition and Symposium has presented some amazing and very informative speakers and seminars. Seminars that have ranged in topics from good sanitation cellar practice, traditional and non-traditional wine styles, choosing the right root-stock for your soil and climate, yeast choice; and how or how not to launch a wine brand.

stay tuned for a listing of our 2020 Emerging Winemakers Speakers and seminars

For the 2020 Emerging Winemakers Competition and Symposium we will be presenting a total of six seminars. Two seminars will be presented Friday evening April 24th, and the remaining four seminars will be presented on Saturday April 25, 2020 on the day of the Competition Awards Ceremony.

Looking back at our past speakers and seminar topics of 2019

Keynote Speaker

Eric Glomski

Page Spring Cellars


Volatile Acidity:
Friend or Foe?

by Scott Laboratories


Is Your Wine Ready
for Prime Time?

by Andrew Stover


Volatile Acidity:
Friend or Foe?

by ETS Laboratories


Beyond the Traditional
to the Non-Traditional

by Jennifer Montgomery


Speaker and seminar topics of 2018

Keynote Speaker

 Tom Messier

Emerging Winemaker

Yavapai College Student


Wine Yeast Selections

by Susie Selby


Wine Faults & Flaws

by Matt Raica


Grapevine: Varietals
& Rootstocks

by Emil Molin


Post Emergent

by Bree Nation


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